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TGL Co. Press Art Tea Maker

Convenient, cute and brews perfect cuppa tea.

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  • Description

    About Press Art Tea Maker:

    If you are someone who consumes tea, you would know the value of tea freshly brewed making it retain its taste and characteristics. It is very important therefore, to use a tea brewing pot. TGL Co. realizes it and has manufactured a tea brewing pot that comes with an inbuilt infuser. The infuser is large enough for you to put your tea leaves in that for the leaves to get slowly brewed to perfection. This tea pot has a lid in the top to tightly lock the freshness of the tea and will also retain the temperature of the tea for long time. To sieve the tea, press the button on the cover and let tea be filtered and flow out into the outer pot.

    How to use

    1. Scoop desired quantity of tea leaves in the upper infuser chamber of the Press Art Tea Maker.
    2. Place the infuser chamber within the pot and add hot water over the tea leaves. Do not fill the chamber to the brim.
    3. Close the lid and let the tea leaves steep as per the prescribed time.
    4. When infused, press the button on the top of the lid and let tea be filtered and flow out into the bottom pot.
    5. Pour freshly made tea into your mug and enjoy!

    Net Quantity: 1 N

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