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TGL Co. Bombay Cutting Chai Premix

An instant beverage comprising of chai, with cardamom and ginger. Each sip will evoke the warmth & vigorous spirit of ‘Mumbai’ on your tastebuds.

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Contains 14 Single Serving Sachets
  • Description

    About Bombay Cutting Chai Premix:

    Bombay Cutting Chai Premix contains natural extracts of Tea and Indian spices such as Cardamom & Ginger to prepare a cup of tea instantly in less than 2 minutes. The spices in the chai are well-balanced with sugar and milk extracts, crafting the perfect recipe of delicious Indian home-made tea.
  • Note: Do not boil premix content.

    • Put 1 sachet of tea premix in a cup
    • Add 150 ml of hot water
    • Mix till contents dissolve