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Unkrate Exclusive: India Still Runs on Chai. However, the Colour is Changing – It’s Green, White and Black now

This morning, while having my breakfast, we ended up discussing with our families on how our tea drinking habits have drastically changed. There was a time, when our fathers would easily gulp down 5-6 cups of tea, just to remain active. It is more like your body needs refueling, he said. My wife exclaimed that she has brought down her consumption to just one cup a day, thereby saving the world her wrath! (Or Not!) What more? My bestie, a true Tea lover now has boxes of flavored green, white and black teas stacked up at home and swears by it. I myself had a bad habit of not stepping out my home without getting my daily dose of ‘kadak chai’. Now, green tea is what gets me going through the day. It is not just my friend or me but many people I know have made a switch from traditional milk tea to the modern teas. What is the reason behind this change? Is it entirely true?

Team Unkrate caught up with leading Tea Brands and Tea Cafes in India to get these answers. Let’s find out!

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