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5 aromatic teas that you can enjoy with your Valentine this year!

February is a month of romance. It is the time for Valentine’s day, also the month that all stores come out with exotic offers on chocolates, flowers, jewellery and teddy bears. Usually, the ever familiar gift for your Valentine, other than the jewellery or flower would be a box of chocolates or teddies.

But, how about doing things a little differently this year? Why not gift your loved one with a box of these incredibly delicious and aromatic teas of exotic flavours, well equipped to entice your valentine? And then spend some quality time sipping the tea with her or him over that perfect valentine dinner! After all, there is no gift as precious as the gift of time spent together, enjoying shared evocative experiences like a perfectly decadent brew of love!

While there are many tea gifting options available, there is none quite like TGL, with its especially crafted teas sourced from around the world, masterfully blended with fruits, flowers and botanicals to create that perfect cup. Here are some of our suggestions for our most “romantic” teas!

Types of Tea to enjoy with your Valentine in 2018

Sparkling Strawberry Green Tea

#1 Sparkling Strawberry

This is indeed a delightful concoction brewed to evoke the passions, and perfectly complements Italian cuisine, especially Spaghetti.A really elegant tea, which has a base of the smooth Chinese Green Sencha tea, is mixed with glamorous ingredients such as rosebuds, raisins, strawberries, and champagne flavouring! It not only tingles your palate but also helps to intoxicate you with its soothing effect, complemented by the lavender petals added to it.

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Ice Wine Tea

#2 Ice Wine Tea

Highly indicative of the floral flavour of an invigorating wine, this elegant tea can be the perfect tea to sip with your Valentine, on this special day. This tea from our exclusive dessert collection is excellent with a fruity flavour.

Originating from China, this exotic flavoured tea is infused with rose, raisins, marigold and cornflower petals to create a truly sensational taste. Hot, iced or spiked, this drink is the perfect combo with vanilla ice cream and brownies for a Valentine’s tea with your beloved!

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Chili Romance Tea

#3 Chili Romance Tea

As the name suggests, the tea from the bold Wanderlust collection can be a perfect cup for your beloved this Valentine’s day. It gives off a spicy aroma of ginger and peppercorns perfectly balanced with an exotic fruity undertones of various berries.

Round off a perfect Valentine’s dinner of Thai cuisine with this exotic and fruity Chilli Romance Tea.

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Hawaiian Cocktail Tea

# 4 Hawaiian Cocktail Tea

Adding to the experience, you can have it hot or spiked for your romantic evening with light food, sandwiches, or even fruits. Reminisce your romantic tour to Hawaii with your valentine, as you sip this exciting blend of papaya and pineapple infused tea, with raisins and marigold petals. It gives off a refreshing fruity taste of tropical cocktail and is the perfect choice for a romantic beach getaway with your Valentine.

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Pearl of the Caribbean Tea

#5  Pearl of the Caribbean Tea

Spend a romantic Valentine’s evening with your beloved. Let the exotic flavours of this brew hit you with a prominent aroma of mango and pineapple, thus invoking your senses with images of a tropical island. With a base of White Shou Mei tea, this is also incredibly healthy and packed full of antioxidants, that have anti-ageing properties – to help you keep looking and feeling younger for many, many Valentine’s to come!

Hot or iced, just sip the Pearl of the Caribbean Tea with Lemon tarts, fruit salad or ice cream for that perfect complement.

A sip of any of these delightful exotic flavoured teas can be a perfect choice for your Valentine. Added with your companionship, it helps to set this special day apart from the other Valentine’s day of yesteryears.

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